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Test drive an electronic drum set before your purchase of an acoustic drum set. You will find that there are some great benefits by owning an electronic drum kit. Electronic sets have been around for quite awhile and have been through many changes in the way they sound, function, and look. The setup of the set resembles that of an acoustic drum kit and with some attachments of cords, it will sound like you are playing an acoustic set.

Great drum sounds

The sounds that you hear from the drum kit are actual drum samples. Each module may contain an array of percussive samples that sound like real drums, cymbals, and other items that may accompany the drum set. The clarity of these sounds have evolved over the years and the manufacturers of these modules are constantly looking for ways to improve. Electric drums are great for recording studios and club venues because drum mics (microphones) are not necessary. The drums are connected directly to the PA/mixer board.

More great benefits of electronic drums electronic shops electronic city

If you want to practice at home without bothering the neighbors, an electronic set is the best way to achieve this. With this type of set, you can wear headphones to hear the sounds and it eliminates what others would hear. Do you want to learn how to play certain songs? Some of the sound modules have sampled songs minus the drums that you can play to. The songs cover an array of songs from salsa, jazz, rock, to funk. You can also vary the tempo to what may feel good to you. It is an excellent tool for learning to play multiple styles of music.

Transporting the electric drum set

Another wonderful feature of the drum set is how easy it is to transport. The set is compact, lightweight, and can fit into any small size car unlike an acoustic drum set that requires a bit more room. Probably the heaviest piece of equipment accompanying the kit would be an electronic drum amplifier (the amplifier is used to make the sounds audible). The weight and size of the amp would depend on your preference and model.


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